Saturday 2nd March 2013

The inaugural Art Fair held by the KFM was a success
and enjoyed by all those that attended.
Highlights included a selection of works by Hans Heysen
and a very interesting talk given by his grandson Tim Heysen
about the great artist and his life.
There were workshops and activities for both adults and children
and the KFM hopes to hold more of these events in the future.

Rob McDonald, an artist from Nangwarry, is available to discuss and sell his art
which is on display in the historic "Archway Cafe" chapel.
You will often see him touching up some paintings or sculptures
or creating a new piece out of chicken wire.
If you would like some background music just ask Rob,
as he has his guitar and keyboard that he plays on occasion.
As you can see he is multi-talented.

Please see the STALL link if you're an artist looking to exhibit your work.