(Open Saturdays 10am - 1pm)

The Kalangadoo Farmer's Market is a new initiative in the small town of Kalangadoo, an old railway and timber town,
set in the beautiful river red gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) country of the Limestone Coast in South Australia.

Our weekly farmer's market has great benefits both to the
community and to local farmers, artists and craftsmen.
It stimulates profitable trading ; promotes viability and business growth
of independent primary producers, home gardeners and makers of
value-added products; it enables a regular supply of fresh food to
customers; it is an avenue for local artists and artisans to sell their work;
it provides growth of other businesses in Kalangadoo; it allows volunteer
work for our community; it gives a rewarding experience to tourists;
the cafe allows a meeting venue and social occasion for many visitors;
the BBQ lures hungry customers for a snack.

As well as stallholders with food, art and craft from our region, there is a Fair Traded Goods Stall with overseas goods,
traded fairly, from Peru, India, Nepal, Indonesia and other developing countries.

The community stall is proving popular with produce and freshly baked goods from local homes as well as items for
resale from local businesses...
Windara Bakery (Penola)
Sandy Grove and Humbugz Honey (both from Kingston)
Outback Pride (Reedy Creek)
Mahalia Coffee (Robe)
...and grains packed by the KFM from the Bordertown region.

There are also some pre-loved books to browse through and each week a different activity for children.

The market began on the 9th of April 2011 and is continuing to be a success.

The KFM is located on Eliza Street in Kalangadoo and can easily be found by following the signs...


The Charter of the Kalangadoo Farmer's Market sets out its AIMS and OBJECTIVES,
as well as the definitions and requirements of stallholders.


To create a suitable environment for the successful trading of locally produced food to promote
a thriving food industry in our region and also to showcase local art and craft.


1. To encourage passionate people to provide customers with fresh or freshly made nutritious food.
2. To encourage passionate artists and artisans to exhibit for sale their works of art and craft.
3. To create an environment for social interaction and comfort.
4. To provide an educational program for customers to promote an interest in food, art and craft.
5. To promote local clubs and services by their involvement in catering.
6. To provide an area in the church for quiet reflection on the higher things of life,
in keeping with the original dedication of the building.

Please support the KFM at every opportunity...your patronage is always welcome and sincerely appreciated.